Park of Nature Vrana Lake

Vrana Lake

Vrana Lake is the largest natural lake in Croatia, located right by the sea partly in Šibenik-Knin and partly in Zadar County, more precisely from Pirovac to Pakostane. The Nature Park Vrana Lake, with its entire surface of 57km2, extends parallel to the seashore, in some places only a kilometer away from the seashore, making it a unique natural phenomenon.

Vrana Lake in 1999. due to its exceptional biological values proclaimed a nature park. They would emphasize an ornithological reserve located in the northwestern part of the lake and that hosts several hundred species of birds, many of which are endangered. The depth of the lake is from 2m to 5m. The peculiarity is that the lake level is above sea level, so as far back as 1781. the Prosika canal was dug, which connects the Vransko Lake with the Adriatic Sea in the part of the Pirovac Canal, in order not to flood the surrounding areas around the lake.

When the water level in the lake is at its lowest, it infuses the sea into the lake, which transforms the lake water into a bocce and completely transforms the flora and fauna within the Nature Park. The Nature Park Vrana Lake is extremely attractive for ornithologists who are offered observation places on the lake to watch the life of birds, as well as for sport fishermen who can enjoy the beauty of sport fishing all year round and take advantage of the lake's location inhabited by a unique combination of marine and freshwater species.

The lake is fed through 4 water sources: Škorobić, Vrilo, Biba and Pećina. Vrana Lake is surrounded by a 40km panoramic trail that provides many cyclists with an unforgettable experience. If you decide to take a walk, the ideal location is the Prosika Canal, which can be reached by car on the Adriatic coast road. Prosika is only a few kilometers away from Pirovac and there is a fishing lodge, a small dock and an observation post. If you decide to spend your holidays in Pirovac, Vransko jezero is so close that it would be a shame not to go and visit it, take a walk, take a bike ride along the panoramic path and definitely visit the Kamenjak lookout point, which offers an amazing view not only of Vransko jezero, but also to the coast, the town of Pirovac and the Kornati islands.