Sport & Recreation

Pirovac offers plenty of facilities for guests who are involved in sports activities and who love going to nature. Hiking and running is one of them. You can start the hike from the center of Pirovac, and through the old town and beyond via Starine Beach, the promenade leads you to Makirina Hill at the very end of the Bay of Pirovac, offering a magnificent view of Pirovac.

You can also use this trail for cycling and climb the path to Makirina Hill, where you can see not only Pirovac but also the island of Murter and the Adriatic Sea. When it comes to cycling, we should not forget to mention the panoramic trail around Vrana Lake, which is ideal for cycling with marked cycling routes. You can find a map of the bike routes at your local tourist board.

The Miran Hotel has tennis courts, and you can try basketball, street basket or soccer on the playground behind the primary school in the center. In the hinterland of Pirovac 3km away from the center is a brand new grass football field for football. In the center of Pirovac there is a ballot field where locals play the famous Dalmatian ballot game every day. If you are actively involved in fitness, you do not have to worry, because in Pirovac we also have a gym that is well equipped with various equipment.