If you are a fan of nightlife and entertainment, you will find plenty of places to relax and have fun in Pirovac. After a good dinner at one of the local restaurants, you can start your night out in long-night cafes, or in the daily rich content of the Pirovac summer, featuring concerts by renowned Croatian musicians, fishing evenings where fish on grills are prepared and home-made wine is drunk, then there are famous Pirovac summer games, folklore evenings and much more.

For the highlight of the night we recommend two discos MS in the center of Pirovac and BARBARELLA in the bay Porat.

Caffe Bar

Caffe bar Albatros Urem Kapetana 14 Pirovac
Caffe bar Azzuro Plaža Lolić Pirovac
Caffe bar Atlantida Plaža Lolić Pirovac
Caffe bar Balun Plaža Lolić Pirovac
Caffe bar Galeb Trg Domovinskog rata 9 Pirovac
Caffe bar Gegalo P. Draganića Vrančića 33 Pirovac
Caffe bar Kerido Plaža Lolić Pirovac
Caffe bar Lord Obala Hrv. Mornarice 15 Pirovac
Caffe bar Mare Blue Plaža Starine Pirovac
Caffe bar Navigator Trg Domovinskog rata 18 Pirovac
Caffe bar Negrit Obala Hrv. Mornarice 18 Pirovac
Caffe bar Priša Plaža Lolić Pirovac
Caffe bar Rišpet Marina Pirovac


Discotheque MS Dvorići 8 Pirovac
Discotheque Barbarellas Prosika b.b. Pirovac