Pirovac Beaches

Beach Lolić

Lolic is the main beach of Pirovac. It stretches from the northwest coastal part from Marina Pirovac to the hotel settlement Miran in the length of more than 1000m. The beach is pebbly with a large sunbathing area along the entire length of the beach for all guests who want a tanned body, and a large part of the beach under the pine forest ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the shade of pine after leaving the see. The beach is shaped like a bay and in its central part is a large shoal ideal for families with young children.

Lolić Beach is a long-standing Blue Flag winner because of its quality, cleanliness of the sea, cleanliness of the coast and the cleanliness of the beach. On the beach, in addition to swimming and sunbathing, you can also refresh yourself at several cafes located on the beach. It can also be eaten in restaurants, fast food, bakeries. There are also numerous stands with pancakes and fritters, which will certainly give you a full day's stay on the beach. On the beach Lolic offers other fun facilities such as beach volleyball, massage parlor, renting deck chairs and parasols, renting water scooters, boats, pedal boats. In the central part of Lolić beach there is a large aqua park. For your comfort on the beach, there are changing rooms, showers and a toilet.

Beach Miran

Where the Lolic Beach Ends The Miran Hotel Beach begins. It is located in the northwestern part of Pirovac, from Lolic Beach to Hotel Miran. The beach is open to all visitors, and is ideal for families with young children who are looking for a quiet all day long beach vacation. The whole beach has a beautiful coastal area and the entrance to the sea, and is protected by thick pine forests.

The part of the beach below Hotel Miran is the most beautiful part of the whole beach. It is a pebble bay with a large shallow water and crystal clear sea, a large coastal part for sunbathing and a cafe within the hotel. Certainly a place to visit.

Beach Starine

On the opposite side of Pirovac, that is, on the southeast coastal part is the beach Starine. Starine Beach extends from the center of Pirovac to Vrilo Bay with a total length of over 1000m. We recommend Starine Beach to anyone who wants a quiet and intimate atmosphere on the beach, without a lot of events and facilities like the main beach Lolić.

Nevertheless, you will not be bored on this beach either, as there are several cafes along the beach where you can refresh yourself, and you can rent a pedal boat, a boat or a water scooter and explore the beauty of the whole beach from the sea. The beach is pebbly with good parts of the beach which are paved with several mounds that are ideal for water jumps.

Bay Makirina

On the southernmost part of the Bay of Pirovac where Starine Beach ends is Makirina Bay. Makirina is not a classic beach for daily bathing, but a disorderly natural cove full of healing mud and every season is visited by locals and guests who use a large shallow area full of medicinal mud.

The beach is accessible by a panoramic path by walking or bicycle, and it is also possible to reach by car and park it at two new rest areas on the coast road near the bay.

Bay Porat

In the northwestern part of the Bay of Pirovac is Porat Bay. It is 5 kilometers away from Pirovac and extends 4 kilometers all the way to Prosika (the canal that connects Vrana Lake to the Adriatic Sea). It is an old 4-kilometer coast road that is not used after the construction of the bypass and consists of many small hidden coves, rocks and cliffs ideal for people who want complete peace and for people who have pets.

Porat bay itself is a small pebble bay with a concrete silt ideal for sunbathing, swimming and water jumps. In the bay Porat there is a nightclub Barbarellas which is one of the largest clubs in Croatia and is an unavoidable part of the night life of Pirovac.