National Park Krka


The Krka National Park is located in the Šibenik-Knin County and is part of the Krka River stream. The Krka extends from its source at the foot of the Dinara Mountain 3km northeast of Knin, to its mouth at the Adriatic Sea, 72.5km long. Krka was proclaimed a national park in 1985., and 1997. have been revised park boundaries. Today, the Krka National Park extends for 50 kilometers, two kilometers downstream from Knin to the town of Skradin, covering the estuary and 3.5km of the Čikola River.

The natural phenomenon of Krka National Park is seven travertine waterfalls with a total fall of 224m. The waterfalls are as follows: Bilušića buk (located 9km downstream from Knin, 100m wide, 22m height difference. It is reached by the road Knin - Radučić railway, and for the last couple of hundred meters it is necessary to walk). The other is Brljan Waterfall (located two kilometers downstream of Bilusic Buk and with its width of 180m and a drop of 15.5m it flows into Ćorića Lake. It is reached by the Knin - Kistanje road and with views of the river with beautiful views of the Waterfall Brljan). The third waterfall is Manojlovac Waterfall (located half a kilometer downstream from Brljan. With its length of 500m and total height of almost 60m, it is called the most beautiful waterfall. It is reached by the Knin - Kistanje road and the most beautiful view is from the edge of the canyon on the Bukovac side).

The fourth waterfall is Rošnjak Waterfall (located a kilometer downstream from Manojlovac Waterfall. With its width of only 40m and a total height of 8.4m, it is the smallest waterfall in the Krka National Park. It is also reached by the Knin - Kistanje road). The fifth waterfall in a row is the Miljacka Waterfall (located a kilometer downstream of Rošnjak and consists of three larger and several smaller travertine stairs with a total height of 23.8m. It is reached by the Knin - Kistanje or Oklaj - Drniš roads, but individual visit to the waterfall is not possible as it can only be reached through the space of the Miljacka Hydroelectric Power Plant). The sixth waterfall is the Roški Waterfall (located 14km downstream of the Miljacka Waterfall. It consists of a series of small cascades, backwaters and islets. With its total length of 650m, maximum width of 450m and height difference of 22.5m, it flows into Visovac Lake. It is reached by road Šibenik - Pakovo selo - Širitovci, or by the river from Skradinski buk).

The seventh and last waterfall of the Krka National Park is Skradinski Buk (located 13km downstream of the Roška Waterfall. At 800m total length and 400m wide of the waterfall, the Krka River and the Čikola River join forces jointly through 17 steps. Definitely a sight that leaves all visitors breathless. Waterfalls are reached by road Sibenik - Skradin or Knin - Skradin, and by river from the direction Šibenik - Skradin). In addition to the waterfalls, we must not forget the Visovac lake and the islet of Visovac on the lake. 1445 On the island of Visovac, the Franciscan monastery of the Mother of Mercy was built, as well as the church of Our Lady of Visovac, which transforms the whole island into a fairy-tale whole. This destination is a must see so be sure to take a day off from your vacation and visit the Krka National Park.