House Rules

To make your stay in our apartment comfortable, we want to introduce you to the house rules:

- The price includes: water supply, electricity, energy for cooking, heating water, the bed linen in the rooms and towels in the bathrooms.
- Thorough apartment cleaning is done between each guests shift. Linens and towels are changed with each shift of guests or every seven days for guests staying in the apartment for more than 10 days.
- During his stay in the apartment guests are obliged to take care of cleanliness inside the apartment.
- Staying in a apartment begins at 14:00 pm on the first day and ends at 10:00 hours on the last day of stay. Time from 10:00 to 14:00 hours is used for cleaning.
- Night rest is from 23:00 to 08:00 in the morning. Guests are required to comply with a reasonable peace and quiet out of consideration for other guests.
- Immediately upon entering the apartment guests are required to submit passports or identity cards to house owner for registration on Tourism Board. House owner is obligated to register the guests and return the documents to guests within 24 hours. Also, guests are required to pay the full amount of accommodation the first day, and if the guests paid the accommodation to travel agency, guests are required to show account to the house owner. If the guests decide to terminate their stay earlier, the house owner is not required to refund the money for a period that guests are not used.
- It is forbidden to destruct or damage to the apartment inventory. If guest make a damage to the apartment inventory, is obliged to immediately inform the house owner to the damage so the damage can be promptly fixed. For all the damage caused by the inventory, guests are required to pay the damage.
- It is forbidden to bring the animals into the apartment without prior approval of the house owner.
- Smoking in apartment is allowed. Please donĀ“t throw cigarette butts around the house, yard or outside it, and take all precautionary measures in the prevention of fire and for your personal safety.
- It is forbidden to stay longer or night to people who are not registered as guests.
- House owner reserves the right, in exceptional circumstances and in the absence of guests, the entrance to their apartment if house owner noticed that it is necessary to prevent damage or danger of foreseeable or unforeseeable scale (in the case of water leakage, fire, in the case of appliances which may cause damage, etc.). In the case of such an entry into the apartment at the time of the absence of guests, the house owner is obliged at the first contact with guests to inform of the time and reason for entering the apartment.
- Guests are obliged to take care of their possessions and valuables. House owner disclaims any liability for any loss of guests possessions and valuables.
- Guests are required to lock the door when leaving the apartment, and shut down all electricity consumers except the boiler (air conditioning, stove, oven, lighting) in order to avoid damage in the apartment during their absence from the apartment.
- It is forbidden to spill the food leftovers in the sink, and the toilet to throw anything other than defecation to prevent clogging of and the risk of flooding in the apartment. All trash should be exclusively in the trash can.
- Staying in the apartment guests accept all items fo house rules, and on any complaints guests have the right to notify the house owner during their stay in the apartment.

Thank you for choosing us for your vacation.
We wish you a pleasant and memorable vacation in Pirovac.